AVEX Gets Visit from Fred George, Business and Commercial Aviation

 Today AVEX was honored to host Fred George, Senior Editor of Business and Commercial Aviation. Fred is a former US Naval Aviator, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, Instrument Flight Instructor, and Jet Charter Pilot.

Fred is a highly regarded aviation expert and is particularly prominent in the turboprop and light jet business realm. Upon his arrival he interviewed Terry Winson on topics including: the TBM’s place in the light jet market, Socata’s marketing model, operating costs, resale markets, and trip comparisons between the TBM and competing aircraft.

Next Fred and Terry headed out to the hangar to shoot some video for a podcast. Fred and Terry discussed the main differences between the TBM 850 legacy and G-1000 models. Terry also explained major maintenance items seen with the fleet.  The TBM 850 article will run in the September 2011 issue of “Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine.”

TBM 850 Maintenance AVEX


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