TBMOPA Convention at Colorado Springs

TBMOPA Ramp Colorado Springs

The TBM Owners and Pilots Association held their annual conference in Colorado Springs August 31- September 3.  AVEX Team Members in attendance included; Terry Winson, Terese Winson, Chris Cannon, Doug Bornstein, and Jim Aukes.

AVEX’s Director of Sales, Terry Winson, presented on the current pre-owned TBM market and also did a review of TBM accidents. AVEX Pilot and Flight Ops, Chris Cannon, presented on TBM pre-flight de-icing procedures.  Other speakers of note included AOPA President Craig Fuller, Rich Stowell, Dr. Strahle, Brian Schul, Brian Dunsirn, Mel Rushton, and Andrew Knott. A wide variety of safety topics were discussed including: Nexrad and Thunderstorms, IPAD Aviation Applications, Must Know Items for TBM Owners, PT6A Engine Update, and Angle of Attack and the Go-around.

As with all TBMOPA conventions, other highlights included the full schedule of social and companion activities as well as evening dinners and cocktails.


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