TBM N850LT Makes the Trip to Palomar for the Porsche Aircraft Experience


TBM 850 Porsche Aircraft Experience

The Porsche Aircraft Experience is a unique type of show pairing aviation enthusiasts with fast cars and professional Porsche driving instructors. The organizers send out invitations to pilots in the local area and give them a chance to check out a wide variety of general aviation aircraft. Not only do these pilots get to climb in and check out the TBM 850, but they also get to try their hand at driving brand new Porsches on a race track set up right on the tarmac!

On Thursday, September 22nd, N850LT made the trip from its home in Camarillo (KCMA) to McClellan Palomar Airport (CRQ) in 37 minutes, and was greeted by a crowd of spectators eager to see the plane up close. The show had a great turnout and Terry and Danielle fielded a wide range of questions ranging from performance to operating costs.  The trip home was the same route of flight, Palomar to Camarillo via Catalina, accomplished in 30 minutes!

To find out more about the fastest single engine turboprop visit www.newavex.com or call (805) 389-1188.


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