TBMOPA AVEX Safety Seminar 2012

TBMOPA AVEX Safety Seminar 2012

Camarillo’s Runway 26 saw more TBMs land for the 2012 TBMOPA AVEX Safety Seminar than any other weekend in its history. AVEX hosted 50 TBM Owners and Pilots for a weekend of TBM related safety activities May 18-20.

Some TBMs arrived as early as Thursday to catch the bonus “PT6 Troubleshooting” Course offered by Pratt and Whitney on Friday. The TBM safety classes started at 8:00 am on Saturday morning with a fully loaded syllabus and an equally packed classroom. Terry Winson, AVEX Director of Sales, kicked off the morning with “Accident Case Studies and Threat and Error Management Techniques.” Tom Chappell of Chappell Smith and Associates Aviation Insurance followed with a thorough presentation on “What Happens When an Accident Occurs.” Partner of Kern and Wooley P.C. Aviation Civil Litigation Attorneys, Robert Kern, presented on “The Anatomy of an Aviation Lawsuit.”  Charlie Holomek, Vice President of Customer Support at DAHER-Socata, went over “Maintenance Related Safety Items.” Yves Houde, Pratt and Whitney PT6A Customer Support Manager answered the question “Why Torque, Not Temp,” and the spoke on the importance of maintaining and operating the PT6A engine to the optimal OEM recommendations. Andrew Rorke, NOAA Evaluation Liaison and trainer of Southern California Weather Briefers informed the audience on “What You Don’t Know about Nexrad Weather” and discussed in-flight hazard recognition and aviation radar interpretation.

At midday the Pilots and Speakers took a break and enjoyed a BBQ at the AVEX hangar prepared by the AVEX Maintenance Technicians. After lunch classes resumed with Dave Voelker of the FAA teaching “Single Pilot Resource Management,” including how managing knowledge skills, attitudes, communications, situational awareness and decision making play a role in safety. The safety classes wrapped up with a simulated flight scenario presented by AVEX Chief Pilot, Chris Cannon and AVEX Director of Sales, Terry Winson. The training flight included pre-flight briefings, take-off, enroute planning, decision making, failures in cruise, CAS lights, descent, landing, alternates, and TBM accident scenarios.

AVEX would like to recognize the TBM companions in attendance at the seminar, whose participation in the event demonstrated a high level of concern for TBM safety. Companion activities included mini-spa treatments at the Four Seasons, and wine tasting in Malibu with lunch and live entertainment.

The evening wrapped up at the Four Seasons where DAHER-Socata sponsored cocktail hour and AVEX provided dinner. Dinner was graced with the brilliance and charisma of one of the world’s most innovative technical thinkers as TBM Owner and Keynote Speaker, Howard Charney, discussed “What Drives the Future.”

The 2012 TBMOPA AVEX Safety Seminar is FAA WINGs accredited, thirty-eight pilots enrolled through this program to earn up to 9 WINGs credits for their participation! To learn more about the WINGs program, click here.  AVEX commends the speakers and TBM owners, pilots, and companions who dedicated their time and effort to contribute to the overall safety of the TBM fleet.


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