AVEX is conveniently located in Camarillo, California 60 miles north of Los Angles. AVEX is a world- renowned expert in the sales, operation, and maintenance of the Socata TBM Aircraft. In 2000 AVEX decided to specialize solely in TBMs, which has allowed AVEX to refine the maintenance and sales of the TBM to a science. During a visit to AVEX’s facilities, the only aircraft you will see on our ramp or in our hanger is the Socata TBM.

AVEX has sold over 200 TBM aircraft and we are currently maintaining 114, which represents about 30% of the total US fleet! AVEX can meet your every TBM need with regards to inspections, major repairs, hot sections, state-of-the-art trend monitoring, RVSM, and in-house actuator repairs. Our on-site avionics shop also only focuses on TBMs, specializing in Garmin GTN, G-600, and L3 Trilogy units. Our certified technicians work efficiently and can accommodate an install simultaneous to the close of escrow.

Due to AVEX’s expertise on the Socata TBM, and our working relationship and previous collaborations with Pratt & Whitney, Canada, we serve as a CFirst Mobile Repair Team facility, for P&WC. This allows AVEX to give our clients prompt support anywhere in the Continental United States. AVEX is where you are!

Depend on AVEX’s insight when thinking about purchasing a new or used TBM…

With over 2,000 hours in the TBM, AVEX’s Director of Sales, Terry Winson, is a leading expert in the areas of sales, maintenance, and operation of these aircraft. Terry was a founding member of the TBM Owners and Pilots Association and has also served as the Chairman of the TBMOPA.
Details are something that AVEX does not take lightly. Everything from minor repairs to large structural repairs are done with the utmost care. Thanks to our attention to detail and the high level of training provided to our technicians, AVEX is a five-time FAA Diamond Award recipient, the highest award given by the FAA to repair centers.


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