AVEX Newsletter: September Wrap-up

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Download Newsletter here: https://app.box.com/s/jsjo1h2440zktj4yikbb

At AVEX we strive to bring the TBM owner the best possible experience in every facet of owning a TBM. Details are our business, whether it’s the safety of your TBM, new innovative ways of maintaining your aircraft, selling your aircraft or researching the TBM market, AVEX is at the forefront. By bringing you a monthly newsletter, TBM Times, our goal is to share the knowledge and research we find along our detail oriented mission.

In this issue:

About TBM Times

“Tour de Tarbes”
The birth place of your TBM

Market Report
By Danny Zarachoff

NEW! AVEX Customer Lounge

Welcome New Owners

What’s New!


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